Emergency Drainage in Tunbridge Wells | Drain Repairs | The Importance of Taking a Proactive Approach

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Can you remember the last time you needed drain repairs at your Tunbridge Wells property? From family homes to business premises, drainage systems are typically hidden from view. Because they work so efficiently year after year, and due to their ‘out of sight, out of mind’ position, it’s understandable to forget about drain maintenance. However, this approach often gives small issues the time to develop into much bigger problems. In turn, these lead to emergency drainage situations, including blocked drains.

From CCTV drain surveys to house buyers’ drain surveys, proactive action helps to minimise the chances of emergency situations. In turn, this lowers your long-term costs, saves significant stress and avoids disruption.

Below, we have looked at why acting proactively is so important.

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Why Take the Proactive Route?

Reduce Emergency Drainage Situations
Issues like blocked drains, water flooding or sewage spills are nightmare material for property owners in Tunbridge Wells. What’s more, if the damage is widespread, you may need to invest in more than just drain repairs.

You can never eliminate the chances of a drainage emergency. There are simply too many factors that cause them. But a proactive maintenance plan significantly reduces their likelihood.

Something as basic as a CCTV drain survey at least every 3 years helps you to stay on top of issues as and when they develop. By uncovering them early, our team can perform the relevant small-scale repairs.

House Buyers’ Drain Survey
Acting proactively isn’t only important for a Tunbridge Wells property you own, but also one you want to buy. While surveyors put together reports about the condition of homes for sale, they usually don’t focus on the drainage system. As a result, significant drain repairs can arise soon after you take on a larger mortgage.

A CCTV drain survey ensures you have all the information you need. In fact, many mortgage providers and insurers now require the results of a house buyers’ drain survey before approving an application.

But even if yours doesn’t stipulate this, we strongly advise investing in one to avoid a potentially disastrous emergency drainage situation, such as blocked drains or pipe collapse.

Manage the Size of Drain Repairs
Whether you’re in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas, there’s never a good time for unexpected property repairs. Of course, there’s the cost – but also the disruption. A proactive attitude to drainage system maintenance puts you in more control.

You can schedule services like CCTV drain surveys at a time convenient to you. This means you can arrange services for a day-off rather than having to use precious annual leave during an emergency.

If we uncover an issue, we recommend the necessary drain repairs. With the proactive approach, it’s far more likely that any work will be small and simple as opposed to large, disruptive and expensive.

Be it a house buyers’ drain survey, clearing of blocked drains or any other emergency drainage work, South East Drains Ltd covers all your needs in and around Tunbridge Wells.

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