House Buyers’ Drain Survey in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Across the South East

Are you in the early stages of buying a new home? Purchasing a house will likely be the biggest, most important investment you ever make. During the buying process, there are multiple tasks that all feel like priorities. For long-term peace of mind and financial stability, you should consider a house buyers’ drain survey amongst the most important.

Mortgages represent a considerable financial burden. The prospect of unexpected, large-scale drain repairs on a failing or collapsed system can leave you with a sudden cash shortfall.

South East Drains Ltd carries out drain surveys on a local and regional basis. We’re based in Tunbridge Wells, so we have direct access to all neighbouring areas, from Tonbridge to Sevenoaks. Our resources, manpower and experience allow us to fulfil contracts across the South East, including locations in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex and London.

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What is a House Buyers’ Drain Survey?

A pre-purchase drain survey involves inspecting the quality of the drainage system beneath the home you want to buy. Much like our CCTV drain surveys, we place an innovative, full colour camera into the system and guide it through. This process gives a clear, accurate reading of an otherwise hard-to-reach network of pipes.

Ideally, the survey will confirm that the system is in good condition and won’t require significant drain repairs for many years to come. However, your survey may also uncover issues with the potential to become significant headaches sooner rather than later.

Some of the most common examples our team finds in Tunbridge Wells, the surrounding areas and throughout the South East include:

  • Cracked Pipes

  • Defective Pipes

  • Leaking Pipes

  • Evidence of Blockages

  • Tree Root Intrusion

  • Collapsed Pipes

  • Backed-up Sewage

  • Loose Connections

House buyers’ drain surveys are equally as popular with sellers. If you are selling a property, your survey results allow you to sell with confidence, assuring prospective buyers that your system has no issues, or only minor concerns, all of which we highlight.

Our surveys clarify where you stand as a buyer pre-purchase. Ideally, the results give you the confidence to proceed, safe in the knowledge your new home’s drainage system is problem-free.

However, the results may also give you a stronger position to negotiate a better price. You may even find that you want to pull out of the purchase altogether due to the prohibitive costs of expected drain repairs.

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The Importance of Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys

Be it in Tunbridge Wells, Kent or any other location, a general house survey is a mandatory aspect of purchasing a property. In fact, many mortgage providers and insurance companies insist on a full surveyor’s report before committing themselves.

However, surveyors often overlook drainage systems during this process. This is primarily because most lack the expertise and equipment to adequately assess the condition of drains. In addition, drain-related risks usually slip the mind of most buyers who tend to focus on the above-ground features.

An increasing number of mortgage providers are realising the value of the results pre-purchase surveys provide. As such, many now require a house buyers’ drain survey alongside the general property survey before approving an application.

What’s more, because insurers usually can’t assess drain conditions themselves, they may not cover drain repairs on issues discovered after you take out the policy. A CCTV survey not only provides you with more comprehensive cover, then, it may also result in better rates.

Your survey can also conclusively determine which parts of the drainage system you hold the legal responsibility for, and those that fall under the authority of the utility provider.

South East Drains Ltd provides a 24/7 emergency drainage service in Tunbridge Wells and locations across Kent.

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Call 01342 328 088 to arrange for your own house buyers’ drain survey. We cover Tunbridge Wells, the wider Kent area and locations across the South East.

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