Drain Repairs in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Across the South East

When was the last time you had a professional inspect your drainage system? This unseen network of pipes is in constant use year-round. It usually works so efficiently that you rarely ever think about it – until something goes wrong. Drainage issues cause stress, disruption and unhygienic conditions. The situation, as well as the resulting costs, depend on the scale of the problem at hand. No matter the circumstances at your property, you can rely on South East Drains Ltd for fast, effective and affordable drain repairs.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, our company covers all surrounding Kent areas, from Tonbridge to Sevenoaks. With our skillset, resources, manpower and decades of trade experience, we take on domestic and commercial repair work across the South East. This includes Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex and London.

To avoid worst-case scenarios, we recommend having a CCTV drain survey performed at least every three years. By regularly monitoring the conditions of the pipes that make up your drainage system, we ensure you stay ahead of larger drain repairs.

Of course, there’s no good time to experience blocked drains or any other drainage emergency. To cover every eventuality, South East Drains Ltd provides a 24/7 callout service. No matter the time or day, we strive to arrive at your property as quickly as possible.

Call us on 01342 328 088 to discuss proactive or reactive drainage services in Tunbridge Wells, the wider Kent area or anywhere else in the South East.

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A Complete Range of Drain Repairs

Your drainage system can suffer damage for various reasons. Sometimes, old pipes or repairs simply reach the end of their lifespan. In other cases, ground movement or tree root intrusion may cause displacement, fracturing or even a pipe collapse.

Most repairs fall into one of the following categories.

Drain Patches

This type of repair is a fast, small-scale, cost-effective solution. Because it uses no-dig technology, it also minimises mess and disruption. Patch repairs focus on localised damage in specific spots. This means the entire pipe doesn’t require relining.

Our team typically performs this service for property owners in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas who have an ongoing maintenance plan in place.

Drain Lining

These drain repairs cover larger scale damage than patches. However, they are still a non-invasive, no-dig solution. When carrying out these repairs, we line entire sections of damaged pipe.

The process involves inserting a resin lining into the pipe itself before expanding it for a perfect fit. The resin then bonds to the pipe, creating a new interior sleeve. Drain lining achieves near-immediate water imperviousness as well as protection for many years to come.

Drain Excavation

Be it in Tunbridge Wells, Kent or across the South East, excavation work involves more disruption, slower turnaround times and higher costs. As such, we only undertake these drain repairs as a last resort. However, if your drainage system has suffered extensive damage, excavating may represent the only way forward.

In many cases, long-term neglect of system maintenance causes the damage associated with excavation repairs. It’s more efficient and cost-effective to invest in semi-regular surveys and small-scale fixes.

When it comes to drain repairs, South East Drains Ltd covers your every need. Our team specialises in:

  • No-dig Repairs

  • Drain Patches

  • Drain Lining

  • Drain Excavations

  • Cracked Pipe Repair

  • Tree Root Removal

  • Joint Displacements

  • High-pressure Jetting

  • Drain Descaling

  • Drain Alterations

  • Broken Drain Covers

  • New Drain Installations

Call 01342 328 088 to talk over options for your own drain repairs in Tunbridge Wells, the neighbouring Kent areas or any other location in the South East.

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